What We’re

All About

Huntsman media offers development and support services for post-small, pre-enterprise businesses.

We create bespoke, professional, websites on the most popular platforms— from WordPress to SquareSpace to Shopify, and more. As well as help brands solve design challenges and compete in an always-changing digital landscape.

Our Process



The path to your new website starts with YOU. We work hard to understand your wants and needs for a website. Once we understand how you intend to use the site and the needs of your business, we’ll guide you though choosing the right platforms, tools, and technologies to meet your goals.

Creativity Budget Ease of UseComplexity



Thoughtful iteration drives everything we do. Always focusing on the WHY behind our choices lead us to build focused, effective, minimal websites for our clients. We’ll distill your ideas down to their core and design cohesive systems that deliver your business solutions.



Understanding how businesses grow and adapt is crucial to the creation of our websites. We strive to anticipate how your needs may change, and deliver flexible products that grow with your business.


Do you build _______ websites?

From small startups, to e-commerce, to online communities, we have experience building websites for all different types industries.

We’ve also worked with popular platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and SquareSpace – and can help find the best platform for you!

Are your sites SEO friendly?

Yes! All of our websites use modern SEO practices to ensure they get ranked fairly in Google, Bing, and other popular search engines.

Do your websites support phones/tablets?

Yes! On average, 60% of people will view your website on phone. We always consider the mobile experience from design, to development, and beyond. Meaning websites always look great on phones, tablets, desktops and everything in-between.

Do you build apps?

Huntsman Media focuses primarily on building web based solutions. Although we have developed apps that coincided with our web development in the past, its not a focus for us.

How much do your websites cost?

Hmm… thats difficult to say without knowing YOUR specific needs. We try to be as fair and open with our pricing – so the more complex a site is, the more it costs.

Get a quote for your specific project.